Fun Music for Your Event or Venue!

Fun Music for Your Event or Venue!

We've got the cure -- to liberate your feet -- whether you're simply toe-tappin' along or shakin' your booty! After all, if your feet are moving, your heart can't help but soar with joy. Think of us as great therapy for the soul!

Regardless of which generation you're from, you will find our music infectious and uplifting!

We have decades of performance experience between us playing different styles of music. While we've all had other professional careers, we totally groove on playing music together, putting our twist on zydeco tunes and especially, providing you with a fun, exciting and memorable experience.

Our followers are known as "Squeeze Heads" -- fun folks out for a good time with us! 

As they say in Louisiana, "laissez les bons temps rouler"! Yes, let's keep the good times rollin'. We look forward to seein' ya all and watchin' your feet feel the liberation!

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